Top 5 Diesel Maintenance Tips

Diesel truck maintenance in the garage.

You undoubtedly put your diesel to the test in hauling heavy loads, towing all your gear, and powering through mile after mile. To ensure it’s always up to the challenge, why not give back by completing all the right maintenance services on time, every time? Your diesel will thrive under your quality care, ensuring you can easily hit the road with confidence and enjoy your travels to the fullest. Wondering just how to make that happen? Here are five diesel maintenance tips to help you out.

Follow Factory Maintenance Intervals

Whether you drive a diesel truck or a commuter car, your carmaker offers the guidance you need in completing all its maintenance at just the right time. That guidance comes in the form of factory recommended maintenance intervals assigned to each task—and your service writer can provide the inside scoop.

When you come to our shop, we’ll help you create an effective service plan that perfectly follows the recommended intervals as written. After that, you just have to stop by our Manchester MD auto repair shop as recommended to complete each service.

Prioritize Fluid Top-Offs, Changes, and Flushes

Your diesel relies on you to keep all its major systems filled with fresh, clean fluids at all times. Otherwise, the fluids won’t be able to clean, cool, and lubricate all the moving parts that keep your vehicle running and driving at its best.

So, it’s vital that you prioritize fluid top-offs, changes, and flushes when caring for your vehicle. Fluid services your diesel may need include:

  • Oil change
  • Coolant flush
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Transmission flush
  • Differential service

Don’t forget to have your diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) levels checked and topped off to keep your diesel running clean.

Have Air Filters Replaced Seasonally

As you handle all your fluid services, oil filter replacement is surely at the top of your mind. But are you thinking about air filter replacement as well? Hopefully, the answer is yes because both your engine air filter and cabin air filter also need to get changed often.

Plan to change your engine air filter every 15,000 to 45,000 miles, depending on your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. As for the cabin air filter, replace it every 15,000 miles or sooner if the air in your passenger compartment smells dusty or stale. If you take your diesel truck off-road, plan to change out your air filters much more often.

Check Your Coolant Levels and pH Often

If you want to keep your diesel engine in great condition, you need to regularly check your coolant level and pH. Internal and external leaks can result in low coolant, which may rapidly lead to your vehicle’s engine overheating.

In addition, coolant becomes more acidic over time if you don’t have flushes completed on a set schedule. You can use a coolant test strip to check the pH and confirm it’s in the proper range or leave this task to your trusted auto repair tech.

Avoid the Guesswork with Regular Vehicle Inspections

Having your diesel regularly inspected by a skilled tech is the absolute best way to stay on top of its service needs. The digital vehicle inspection process allows your tech to check for developing issues and create a service plan that halts problems in their tracks.

You’ll stay informed about the condition of all your vehicle’s major systems as a result. And you’ll even have notes, photos, and videos to refer back to as you decide how to best care for your diesel through the years.

Is It Time to Complete Your Diesel Maintenance Services?

When it comes time to complete diesel maintenance, come to Ranglin’s Complete AutoCare for exceptional service and support at every visit. At our Manchester MD auto repair shop, our diesel maintenance specialists can complete your cooling system services, air filter replacement, and more using quality parts and fluids.

All you have to do is give us a call at 667-314-3910 to find a convenient time to visit our shop located at 3037 Main Street Manchester MD 21102. We can streamline your service visit with our free pick-up and delivery service or simply shuttle you to your next stop. You’re also welcome to relax in our cozy waiting room if you prefer and tap into our complimentary Wi-Fi while you wait.

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Whatever the service you need—whether it’s simple as an oil change for your diesel truck or complete maintenance for your entire fleet—count on Ranglin’s Complete AutoCare to help.

We have a fast turnaround for our work. We will try to get you in and out on the same day. If repairs take longer than a day, we’ll let you know the timeline to finish them.

Moreover, our mechanics are skilled, have years of experience, and hold ASE, diesel, and other certifications. And there’s no waiting list for you to get in for your needed services!

Call us at (667) 314-3910 for your inquiries or to book an appointment. Our shop is located at 3037 Main Street, Manchester, MD 21102.

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