Oil Change

The oil is the engine’s lifeblood. Thus, it is imperative that you keep it changed and checked frequently.

Oil Change in Manchester, MD

An oil change is such a necessary maintenance that should never be ignored by drivers and vehicle owners not only in Manchester, MD but in any location.

If you don’t change the oil as recommended, it gets too dirty and turns into sludge or curd. This sludge voids the critical roles that your oil should fulfill. Like lubricating engine parts, protecting the engine from wear and tear, and maximizing the engine’s performance for domestic and Asian models alike.


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When to Change Oil?

Most vehicles have a built-in reminder telling when to change the oil. The owner’s manual will be helpful if your vehicle doesn’t have this feature. If you don’t have this file or are unsure of the correct oil change interval, contact our team for help and guidance.

In most cases, the time frame to change the oil is 5,000 to 7,500 miles for vehicles that use synthetic oil or a synthetic blend. If your car still uses regular oil, you need to change the oil every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Checking the Oil Level

Ignoring a leak or low oil pressure can cause severe problems for your engine, but you can take steps to reduce the risk. Check your car’s oil level monthly – once per fill-up if you’re driving more than 1,100 miles monthly. Utilize the dipstick and read off its markings at the top of hatch marks: topping it off with manufacturer-recommended oil is highly suggested whenever this reading shows levels are under par!

Oil Color, Filter, and Grade

As for the oil’s color, it should be light to dark brown. If it looks frothy and has a whitish tint, you could have a head gasket problem. Bring your vehicle to Ranglin’s Complete AutoCare as soon as possible so a certified auto technician can check for water contamination in the oil.

As for the oil filter, you need to change it every time you do an oil change. Failure to do so will create more debris build-up, which could negatively impact your engine. 

Moreover, always use the oil your owner’s manual recommends. If it calls for 5W30, be sure to use 5W30. The manufacturer has already determined which oil has the correct viscosity and will provide the best lubrication for your vehicle.

Oil Change Between Gas and Diesel Vehicles

Depending on how you use a diesel truck—whether it’s a daily driver, you use it for work, or you let it idle quite a bit—you might have to do more frequent oil changes than regular gas vehicles. 

Moreover, diesel engines use special oil designed for them. Ranglin’s Complete AutoCare in Manchester, MD, keeps several types of oil in stock, including Rotella and other brands of diesel oils.

Get the Best Oil Change Services in Manchster, MD with Ranglin’s Complete AutoCare

If you’re unsure about the oil change frequency or the correct oil grade or looking for professionals to change your oil, contact Ranglin’s Complete AutoCare. Not only will we perform your oil change. We’ll also provide valuable insights about the best oil change practices. 

Call us today at (667) 314-3910. Or drop by our shop at 3037 Main Street, Manchester, MD 21102.

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