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Your fleet vehicles need maintenance and repairs, just like your personal vehicle. The better you take care of fleet vehicles, the more they can stay on the road, and the more money you make. Thus, preventative fleet maintenance is something you shouldn’t skimp on. 

Fleet Repair & Maintenance in Manchester, MD

We handle fleet maintenance and repair at Ranglin’s Complete AutoCare in Manchester, MD. Reach out to our team to discuss your fleet’s needs and set up a maintenance schedule customized to your business needs.


Keeping an auto technician on staff is often too costly for small to medium fleets. You may not have enough vehicles to keep one or two technicians busy all day. You would also have the problem of finding competent technicians.

When you choose Ranglin’s Complete AutoCare for fleet maintenance and repair, you don’t have to worry about such things. 

We make fleet maintenance a lot easier. Just bring your vehicles for their scheduled maintenance. We offer a free shuttle service, so your drivers don’t have to wait. We also provide free vehicle health checks, a best-in-class leading warranty on our work, and more.

When your vehicles need repairs, we are ready to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We use only quality parts for repairs. We test drive every vehicle before we return it to you to ensure that the repair is done correctly and there are no other issues with the vehicle.


Some fleet repair and maintenance services we provide at our shop in Manchester, MD include the following:

Contact Ranglin’s Complete AutoCare for Fleet Repair and Maintenance in Manchester MD

Whether you own and operate mail trucks, passenger cabs, or other fleet vehicles, you must maintain them and sometimes do repairs. But having many fleet vehicles in the shop at the same time is more than an inconvenience—it means that you are not making money. 

To avoid such problems, Ranglin’s Complete AutoCare will work with you to create a maintenance schedule so that not many of your fleet vehicles are in the shop at one time. We’ll advise you of upcoming repairs so you can schedule them at a more convenient time. 

If we find something that needs immediate repair, we’ll let you know so we can get it done as soon as possible. If a fleet vehicle breaks down on the road, we have in-house towing to get you to our shop in no time. We also offer free towing within 5 miles of our shop.

Contact Ranglin’s Complete AutoCare at (667) 314-3910 today. We are conveniently located at 3037 Main Street, Manchester, MD 21102.

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