Steering & Suspension

The steering and suspension systems on your vehicle are two separate systems. However, they work together to control the vehicle.


The steering allows you to control the direction in which the vehicle travels. It rides on top of the suspension system, which supports the vehicle’s weight and creates driveability, a smooth ride, handling, and smooth road control. 

However, both systems experience wear and tear, even when driving in normal conditions. 

When you have suspension and steering issues (including power steering pump, rack and pinion, steering gearbox, shocks, struts, springs, tie rods, and bushings), Ranglin’s Complete AutoCare experts are here at your service to handle your domestic and Asian vehicle needs.


If you notice any of these symptoms, have the ASE-certified mechanics at Ranglin’s Complete AutoCare check your vehicle:

How the Suspension and Steering Affect Other Components and Your Vehicle’s Handling

While most manufacturers recommend checking the suspension and steering components every 50,000 miles, we prefer to check them more frequently. This is because they affect other components and could cause you to become stranded if something breaks.

For example, if the vehicle’s suspension is not aligned, it will wear the tires out sooner. If a tire wears too much in one place, it could blow out while you are driving. If you are traveling at highway speeds, it could lead to an accident.

Loose steering components not only affect the tires but also decreases the control you have over the vehicle. This increases the risk of getting into an accident. 

You might need shocks and struts replacement when the ride feels too bouncy. Bad shocks, struts, and springs affect the ride and become a safety factor. This is because the vehicle is more apt to bounce off the road if you hit a bump just right or several bumps in a row.

Choose Ranglin’s Complete AutoCare for Steering and Suspension repairs

Our auto technicians are skilled, ASE-certified, and have years of experience working on diesel and other types of vehicles. We will ensure your vehicle’s steering and suspension systems are in good condition. We use only quality parts and offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on repairs.

We sport features that let you go on with your day, like free pick-up, delivery, shuttle service, loaner cars, and after-hours drop-off. We also have financing options, text payments, in-house towing, and discounts for Car Care Club members. 

Contact Ranglin’s Complete AutoCare at (667) 314-3910 for inquiries or an appointment for your steering and suspension needs. You can also stop by our shop at 3037 Main Street, Manchester, MD 21102.

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