Tire & wheel Balancing

Our experienced ASE-certified technicians offer quality tire and wheel services backed by exceptional customer service.

Tire Rotation

Proper and consistent tire rotations will help extend the life of your tires. This service allows technicians to inspect the tires for adverse conditions that can cause damage and negatively impact their lifespan. We recommend that new tires be rotated at around 5,000 miles because the tread is more susceptible to uneven wear. After that, you should have a tire rotation done on a regular schedule, such as each time an oil change is done.


Wheel Balancing

When your vehicle’s wheel/tire assembly isn’t spinning smoothly, you aren’t getting the best performance and life from your tires. Proper wheel balancing is a critical part of ensuring your safety on the road. Balancing ensures the tires are spinning correctly, which will keep your tires from creating vibrations in the steering wheel at high speeds. We provide this service to help maximize tire performance.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Service

Most tire failures are caused by underinflated tires. By monitoring the inflation levels closely, you can ensure the best performance from your tires. Our ASE-certified technicians can check your tire pressures and service for your Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). When working properly, this system monitors the air pressure in your tires and will alert you via a light on your dash if your tires’ pressure needs attention.

Need a Tire & wheel balancing Services

Our ASE Certified Tire & Wheel Balancing Technician have the knowledge and equipment to provide air conditioning service on virtually any vehicle.

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