Engine Repair & Replacement

Keeping your vehicle in good working condition means fewer repairs and less risk of failing while on the road. Such a thing can be achieved with proper maintenance.

Engine Repair & Replacement in Manchester, MD

The best way to make your vehicle’s engine last seemingly forever is to keep up with the maintenance and make repairs as soon as possible. When something happens to the engine, you have a choice to have either an engine repair or replacement. Whether you drive a Honda, Ford or Chevy, we’ve got you covered.


Extending the life of your engine is essential to getting more out of it. Regular maintenance will help safeguard against costly repairs, but as you break into the high mileage on its odometer, parts may show signs of wear and tear over time.

Imagine this: An engine has hundreds of moving parts that can move at an average of 5,000 revolutions per minute. An idle engine still moves at a lower rate of about 800 to 1,200 revolutions per minute. 

With that action, it’s no wonder that engine parts will experience eventual wear and tear.

Here are some situations where engine repairs will suffice or whether an engine replacement makes more sense.

Repairing the Engine’s Top End

You usually need to replace the top end (cylinder head) or the bottom end (engine block) but not both. A replacement is unnecessary if the damage is in the top end, as a repair will suffice. For example, if you blow a head gasket in the cylinder head, you can just replace the head gaskets. 

Now, if the heads are taken off, it would be best to look at other engine parts, including the timing chain, lifters, valves, and seals.

Repairing the Engine’s Bottom End

Suppose we have to replace anything in the engine block (including the crankshaft, pistons, rings, crank bearings, and seals) and require us to pull the entire engine out. In that case, we may recommend a complete engine rebuild or replacement. 

This will still depend on several factors, including the engine’s miles and the condition of the rest of the engine.

Replacing the Oil Pan

In other cases, we might have to pull the engine just to remove and replace the oil pan. Generally, removing the engine is the bulk of the labor so in this case, we’ll also explore rebuild and replacement options.

But if the oil pump or oil pan gasket needs to be replaced but the engine still has less than 100,000 miles, we won’t recommend a rebuild or replacement unless you have trouble with the engine (such as a rod knock or blowby).

Engine REplacement

While a complete engine rebuild means you have a brand new engine with zero miles, that is sometimes cost-prohibitive.

Some models are more expensive than others to rebuild. Some have so many computers that rebuilding is more expensive since we have to adjust the computers to deal with the changes to the internal engine components.

No matter the case, the other option is a complete engine replacement. We can source a used engine or a new crate engine from the dealer. 

One word of caution: If you have an older vehicle, any used engine we find will have nearly as many miles on it, if not more, and you could be purchasing someone else’s problems. When it’s feasible, we recommend a new crate engine.

Lastly, engine replacements could take up to two or three weeks, depending on what you need to be done and how fast the machine shop can get the engine back to us.

Contact Ranglin’s Complete Autocare for Engine Repair and Replacement in manchester, md

Regardless of which way you choose—repair or replace your engine—our certified auto technicians will ensure that you are back on the road as soon as possible. 

Call Ranglin’s Complete AutoCare at (667) 314-3910 for inquiries or an appointment. We are conveniently located at 3037 Main Street, Manchester, MD 21102.

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